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Career counseling for students

Identifying child potential & Interest at the right age , finalizing the right career path helps to determine the best fit career!

We at MyCareerGurukul follow the scientific proven method  to:

  • Identify

  • Create

  • Determine

  • Decide the right career path

Institution Program

An digital ECOSYSTEM for Career Development & Planning

Our experience of 20 years in framing the career path to students has put us in the top most organization in providing best career development and planning with accuracy of 95%.

Career Tree


Identify the true potential by scientific proven test


Determining Multiple Options


Create a Career Model


Deciding the Right Pathway

three steps to success

Career Selection & Planning




Career Exploration


Create an Action Plan



Trying to find a career without being self-aware is like running a race not knowing where the finish line is. Similarly how you can know which career path is going to be most pleasing, if you don’t even know what you are all about? Therefore self-assessment is an important part of the career planning process. By analyzing your interests, values, personality, aptitudes, skill sets, and developmental needs, we’ll help you identify various occupations that are a good fit for you.



Based on the self-assessment have a list of occupations that appear to be a good match for you. Now narrow the list down and go through the list and eliminate those careers that you know you’re not interested in. We’ll assist you to get very effective ways to explore careers.



Creating an action plan is the last step in career planning. This action plan will help you reach your goals like a road map that takes you from selecting a career to finding your first job all the way to achieving your long-term career goals. And we’ll assist you in identifying your short-term and long-term goals, job/career, etc.

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Most frequent questions and answers

MyCareerGurukul offers careers tests, career exploration model, career content and profile building for facilitating career decision making.

These work across an individual’s lifetime and provide the necessary decision support in the new age career models.

Our product/solutions have a well researched base in career and decision theories, analytics and psychometrics.

Understanding yourself is a critical aspect of career and educational exploration and planning.Our Certified career counselling will suggest and advice about below :

  • Your career planning strategy.
  • How to find information you need.
  • How to get around obstacles.
  • How to go about planning your current and long term education and training.

Yes, After the test our certified Careers Counsellors will analyze the report and suggest the multiple options and also assist in choosing the right stream or career.

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