Get guidance to deal with work and career-related issues. Ensure whether you are in the right career/job.

MyCareerGurukul assists in dealing with career issues by holistically catering to the individual’s career interests, needs, aspirations, and help in setting the right Career priorities.

Thousands of working professionals have overcome career obstacles, uncover new things about themselves, and gained a competitive benefit. Now it’s your turn!

Career Counseling for Class 10-12



Job Growth & Upskilling

  • Job Search Strategy

  • Key Upskilling areas and guidance

  • Setting short term and Long Term Goals

  • Personal Career growth Roadmap

Job Growth
Starting Up Guidance

Starting Up Guidance

  • Step by Step Guidance for freshers to choose the Right Job Role

  • Connecting with Mentors on current trend and Work scope analysis for NEW JOB ROLE


Re-Building your Digital

  • Professional Resume & Linked review & correction

  • Fully optimised professional resume makeover & Linked profile Optimisation

  • Reframing your Career path towards the current Digital Pathway

Skill Upgradation

Industry wise Skill Upgradation

  • Upskilling options from mentors on current trends on the present industry

  • Certification pathway for the next level JOB ROLE.

  • Roadmap & Followup Plan for achieving the skills which suit your industry .



Career Shift Guidance

  • Guidance on current career obstacle

  • Career coach suggestions on the next Job Search and Various Career options

  • Recommendation of List of companies for the NEW CAREER START

  • Skill Upgradation as per the NEW CAREER SELECTION

Career Shift Guidance

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