Online Career Counselling

Career Counseling can help a student determine the type of careers he/she should pursue.

Generally, the right time for candidates to seek career counselling or the importance of career counselling for students is within the age group between 13-17 years (i.e. Grade 8th to Grade 12th).

How Can Career Counselling Help Students?

  1. Helps pick the right  career
  2. Helps provide expert resources.
  3. Helps gain confidence and insights.
  4. Helps change unwanted behavior patterns.
  5. Helps remove career realted frustration.
  6. Provides a Role-Model.
  7. Helps bring stability in thought.
DMIT Career Counselling

Surekha Bhosale a CERTIFIED DMIT COUNSELOR has Counseled more than 5000+ students and helping students by providing FREE Online Career Counselling for students one-to-one at MyCareerBuddha.

How do DMIT TEST help students and Benefits

In a continuous endeavor to equip students to be future-ready, DMIT TEST HELPS students in :
With that said, let’s understand what – The Benefits Offered by DMIT are :
  • DMIT Helps You to Know Yourself (Innate Characteristic, Learning Style, Thinking Style, Inborn Intelligence)
  • Self-Realization of Full Potential
  • The Compatibility with Business Partner or Spouse
  • Detailed Understanding of Creative Ability (Left Brain & Right Brain Comparative) and Logical Ability
  • 9 Types of Multiple Intelligence Charts that is Unique for Every Individual
  • How to Select Right Career Option
  • How to Choose Activity, Hobby, or Skills to Build
  • Original Inborn Personality Type
  • How to Increase Performance at School or Work
  • Best Unique Tool to Memories as well as Recall Memory Tool
  • How to Grow in Personal Strength by Interaction Skills and Interpersonal Communication
  • How to Improve Happiness and the Sense of the Value of Life
  • Most Appropriate Way of Learning and Teaching
  • How to Manage Emotion & Increase Concentration
  • Understanding different areas in your brain that is under or over emphasized
  • Know learning style of a person (Audio, Video or Kinesthetics)
  • Understanding various quotients, other than IQ, EQ, AQ & CQ
  • Helpful to know the attitude and behavior of adults & students
  • Relationship Management through better understanding
  • Save the money which gets wrongly wasted in unnecessary courses or activities
  • Once in a life time report

As you now know that DMIT Test can be done at any age – toddlers, kids and adults. However, the need or objective is different for various age brackets.

Why Seek Our Online Career Counselling?

Choose your life goals early

Perfect time to fuel your growth

Build aspirations and clarity of intent

Plan for a career that is fulfilling & motivating

Enter into professions that you will be delighted about

Take the first steps towards a meaningful journey

Can this test be helpful for Teachers for developing students?

This test is very informative and beneficial, as it can drive the child according to his/her distinctive intelligence. This eventually will give a fair idea of the child’s interests and strengths. Even if the interest changes, the inherent skill will only strengthen and grow.
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