DMIT Test for Everyone

DMIT Test for Everyone

Our fingerprints disclose to us what we want and how we learn, transforming our lives through a holistic education approach.

The process of understanding the multiple intelligence can be done through a scientific study called DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test). DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test) is a psychometric analysis based on the study of fingerprints through scientific study.

DMIT can be used in among different age groups like from age of 3 years to 25 years and above.

Dmit for toddlers

DMIT for Toddlers (age 1-4)

From birth through about age three there are huge numbers of connections and collections being recorded in the brain.

Benefits of DMIT Analysis:
Knowing a toddler’s potentials at an early age assists parents make decisions on educational methods and parenting styles.

DMIT for Children (age 4-12)

From age three through twelve the brain starts to prune the excessive synapses in an attempt to get organized and eliminate what is not required.

Benefits of DMIT Analysis:
At this age, Children are curious to learn and they can grasp more than they will when they grow older. Discovering their learning styles and areas of intelligences at this age gives an idea on what courses and activities they must spend more time on.

Dmit for children
Dmit for teenage

DMIT for Teenagers & Young Adults (age 12-25)

The teenage years comprise of more aggressive pruning as the brain starts to specialize and develop an identity.

Benefits of DMIT Analysis:
Determining learning styles at this age can better improve one’s learning experience. It also serves as a guideline on what kind of courses one should take.

DMIT for Adult (age 25+)

Adulthood ushers in a bit of a pruning plateau, where few connections are diminished and others are improved.

Benefits of DMIT Analysis:
Understanding one’s areas of intelligences assist an adult make decisions on careers. Knowing more about self can help adults communicate better and thus establish better relationships. Employers can also apply dermatoglyphics analysis to discover the strength and weakness of their employees for position placement.

Dmit for Adult

Identify your children innate abilities by DMIT Test.

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